On What My Blog Would be Like, Moving Forward…

When I started my blog a little over than a year ago, I do not have a clear plan on what my blog would mainly be about. I just wanted it to be something I could spend some time on outside work.

I also wanted it to be a place where I could share photos of my kids with stories to back each snap up so my relatives and friends in Manila know what’s up with us. But the thought of sharing my kids’ photos online became a little horrific since, as we all know, not everyone who has access to the internet are with good intentions. I had to rethink on my blogging priorities.

So I decided for my site to be a beauty blog. The beginning of my love affair for makeup was something I can’t clearly remember. Although im sure that, even I was penny-less I’d still get meself a lipstick or two. I even remember a friend once told me “you keep on buying makeup, why don’t you get clothes instead?” So that became my motivation into making this blog a beauty related site. But that didn’t work out well because ofcourse for me to be explaining or reviewing things I had to buy this skincare product or this blusher and all. I became addicted into buying things, I ended up spending too much money that I could have just used that moolah into sending my daughter to a dance or Chinese speech class. It was one of the worst periods in my life (you know, seeing your credit card bill skyrocket like crazy) I felt like I was in school again where I sort of forced myself into belonging to a group  I am not welcome to join.

So I wasn’t writing for a good few weeks which was great because I sort of rearranged my thoughts, my plans and my goals. After all the confusion, I am back to square one – I have a blog and this will be the place where I’d share stories not to conform with what other people expect and think of me but to let people know what I like, what I don’t, what I feel and what makes me happy 😜 This will now be a page where I’d share things about the food(s) that I cook, makeup I like and experiment on my face (maybe I will now work on maximizing the cosmetic items I currently have and not buy new ones) and places and experiences that when I look back would put a smile on my own and my loved ones faces.

So, hello it’s me Sarah your friendly neighborhood aunty. And this, ladies and gentlemen, will be the anything and everything blog. 😄

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