Made our way Downtown

You can take the girl out of the city but you can never take the city out of the girl 😛

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on my social media accounts that the city (Downtown in particular) will always be one of my favorite places in Singapore. For some reason I always find peace in the city chaos so I would always ask my husband to go walk around the city with me.

So last night – because we are now at the point in our lives when we realized we need to save money – we just decided to eat $8 meal and walk around. But wait there’s more, we didn’t take the cab home! *signs of changing time * A date one for the books because it was 1) a good money saving date 2) a good form of exercise.

I also get to explore my one year old Olympus E-PL6 in which, after that amount of time I still take picture on auto mode. Really, this thing takes vivid photos even in low lit conditions.

First order of business, the bloggers pose. Lols!

Pretend you’re deep into thinking…

So here, with the help of husbandry, I use the manual mode – setting the aperture and shutter speed.

Nearly invisible boat of the River Cruise 😀
The Merlion

I also used the Art Mode where I tried the grainy film and sepia setting

A band playing at The Esplanade

And certainly the highlight of the night – the bent bench photo – which, more or less revolved around this conversation

ME: Lets take a picture in the bench!

HUSBAND: That one is better (points to the bent bench)

ME: Go, sit there *sets up the camera then walk towards the husband*

HUSBAND: *semi-panicking* Okay, what do we do now, what’s our pose?

ME: I don’t know, I don’t know lets just hold hands! *suddenly hears the camera shutter* ayan tapos na…

We’re so heavy, the bench bent 😛

Want to waste time? Let’s go! 🙂


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