Green and Yellow Toast

Woot! I am finally blogging again, at exactly 12 midnight, thanks to Dolce Amore (Filipino TV series) which airs super late on TFC. Might as well do something productive while waiting.

I love cooking breakfast, its my ultimate perk me up-er. By the time I finish prepping our meal I have already lost every inch of sleepiness that I feel.

Going back to our topic… Every time I make toast it would just usually have fruit jam or kaya. But a sudden gush of creativity went over me so I decided to do a little experiment – this gave birth to my Egg and Pesto / Bacon Hollandaise toast – I dunno what to call it exactly so I shall call it Green and Yellow Toast (green for pesto yellow for egg and hollandaise. Hurray, I just made that up, nice!)


To breakdown each item:

Bread: Use any bread you like and toast it!

Pesto: This is a spinach pesto which I got the recipe from here.

Hollandaise: These are the egg yolks that got left behind from when I made macarons. I got the recipe here and set aside.

Spread the pesto on one bread.

Scrambled Eggs: 2 Tbsp butter put in the pan to melt in low fire (be careful not to raise the temperature so high as it will make the butter brown and curd), 2 eggs which of course you need to beat until everything is yellow then once butter has melted and a bit hot, add the beaten egg and using a spatula just continue to mix and scrape the pan so the egg don’t stick to the pan and solidify. When you feel the egg is cooking fast (like the texture is beginning to be omelette-ish) take it off the fire to slow down the cooking – don’t worry it will not be raw since the heat in the pan will still cook the egg. Add some cheese, how much depends on how much cheese can make you happy (hihi) once the egg has curd and is creamy, it’s done. Put this on top of the bread with pesto.

Bacon: Fry as much as you want and once cooked, put it on top of a bread and drizzle with the hollandaise sauce.

Plate however you want – drizzle with pesto or hollandaise or just decorate with fresh fruits and enjoy!

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