My First Real Fashion Week Experience

My Digital Fashion Week articles are already done and up at Clozette Insider but Im still not stopping haha! This blog is where I usually share the less formal stuff so okay, go!

It’s my first fashion show experience and it would be such a newbie move to ask around what to wear so I just check on Instagram to find inspiration. I already had everything prepped when I remembered I had a black jumpsuit so that’s what I wore and a pair of nude sandals from Schutz.


As usual, I dragged my husband with me – this time I told him there’s a beer brewery somewhere around Capitol Piazza so he agreed to come along. When I got there, I got a bit overwhelmed; I kinda looked like someone going to a client meeting rather than seeing a fashion show. Good thing Kexian from Clozette was wearing black also so Im safe in some ways.


There was a delay in the start of the event so I walked around first and then met my husband at the beer brewery. But just as I was about to drink the juice I ordered (yes, I ordered juice) I was then told the event is about to start. So I walked semi-fast, in 5-inch heels, back to the theater.


When I got inside, everything around me sort of fade into oblivion lols and I was just telling myself yes this is it! This really is it! Imagine telling yourself that on the inside while trying not to show that you want to do a cartwheel from too much happiness. Anyway, so we waited and then they turned the lights off and the show started. One of the things I noticed is that the models aren’t stick thin. For a moment it gave me hope but then after 0.11 seconds I realized I am 5’1 and that slap of reality just hurts so bad haha!



After around 20 minutes, the show’s over and its time to go. Sad. Well not really because I was starving and I can finally eat, yey!

I somehow got blacked out when its time to write my article because I don’t know how to transfer my iPhone pics to my laptop so all the neurons in my brain died while figuring out how to do it. Then later I thought of sending an email to the designer to ask a few questions. Luckily she was swift to respond and it somehow got me going to finally finish my article, which you can see here.

Next Stop… Fingers and Toes Crossed… Audi Fashion Week (in 2016 lols!) 😀

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