Kalaia x Ce La Vi

I was invited by Clozette Insider to attend the launch of Kalaia at the Ce La Vi Club Lounge and ofcourse Im not the one to say no. I will reserve the more formal stuff on my Clozette article so okay, lets start.

What is Kalaia?

It’s the first Bohemian Designer label from Singapore. Its designs are understated and luxurious made for an effortless luxurious bohemian look for summertime events. You can find out more about the brand or shop their designs here.


At the Event

Since I dragged my husband along with cocktails as bribe, I had to quickly get that done so we can both move on with our lives – he drink I mingle.

The illuminated cocktail :D
The illuminated cocktail 😀

I was able to meet Clozette’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Kersie Koh. During our talk she asked me what I do and told her I do QA and she was like “as in software testing” and I beamed “yes yes” as it turns out she studied Computer Science in university and worked as a programmer but eventually shifted to Marketing.  Usually when I say to people I am a QA it would take some explaining so I was relieved there were no explaining this time haha!

Aren't we lovely? :P
Aren’t we lovely? 😀

Since I was there for ‘work’ I had to gather up my courage to ask people around so I have something to write for Clozette. My husband was like “go, ask” and I was like “noooo im scared” thing is scared gets you nowhere so just do it. I did it too much actually I get to know a few people and as added bonus, I learnt about an occupation called “closet styling”

It took me forever to ask Coco Mercy, the designer, that everytime Im ready, someone suddenly shows up and gets to chat with her. I almost gave up I just had to box out everyone only to chicken out and forgot my questions and blabbering and all.


After standing for nearly 3 hours and I suddenly remembered I was in a Charles and Keith sandals, I decided it was time to go. My feet and legs hurt so much I walked barefooted at MBS.


It was again one for the books – it was my first time at Ce La Vi and Sky Park and the view was simply breathtaking that I just ignored their rude staff – I wouldn’t let negative people ruin such an important night.


Congrats to Kalaia and more power to Coco Mercy! 🙂

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