Beauty Journal #6: Clarins Double Serum Review

Im so excited to be doing a review of this product because I get hyper if I discover something good hihihi.

I first tried Clarins products four years ago after giving birth and it did wonders on my skin but due to financial constraits, I had to rely on not so expensive products, anyway… So when I had the chance to try their double serum I immediately signed up and grabbed the free 7-day sample. There are 7 sachets inside and I only used it at night so the results I’ll be sharing is based on a 7-day, applied only at night application.

DESCRIPTION: According to the Clarins website


Clarins Double Serum has a unique formula with 5 anti-ageing functions that promises a visibly youthful look: firmer skin, visibly reduced wrinkles, more even complexion and less visible pores. Combining two powerful age-defying serums into one golden ratio, this award winning anti-ageing serum helps fight all aspects of visible ageing keeping you looking younger, for longer.


Texture: The samples I got are in a sachet – half contains the oil part and the other half contains the liquid part. You need to pour them at the same time and rub your hands together to warm it up before putting on your face. I have not tried a lot of facial oils before but this one is very light and ideal for people with oily skin like mine.


Application: I put this separate section because there is a special procedure to putting this on. Once you rubbed the oil on your palms, you need to dab it on to your forehead then cheeks then chin and once the oil is on your face you need to press your palms (still with the oil – dont wash) harder on to your forehead, cheeks and chin so the oil is better absorbed by the skin and your face also gets a massage.


I noticed that my pores and the fine lines around my “laugh lines” were less visible. I also noticed that my skin tone was more even.

Effects: According to the box containing the samples, your skin texture will improve after 7 days of use and it did. My pores were less visible and my skin was smoother. However, I also felt my skin got a bit dry especially on the cheek area.

Final verdict: I’m all for products which reduces the oils in my skin and Clarins did just that so much so that after 5 nights of use my skin was nearly drying out. I would still recommend this on the basis of having my skin lifted a bit, lesser wrinkles around the mouth and the improved skin texture.

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