The Cathay Platinum Movie Suites

[NOTE: late post] Last September, my husband and I watched a movie at The Cathay’s platinum suites, only because my sister-in-law gave us free tickets.

We almost never watch at suites because I find it indulgent. I’m not a movie buff – you will never see me blog about a movie – I’m the type that would rather use the money to buy the DVD lols 😛

Anyway the suites isn’t expensive itself see more info here. I suggest going on weekdays/weeknights since it’s a bit cheaper but going to places like these usually comes with a price because of the ambiance – you go there to chill


When you go up to the 5th floor of Cathay Cineplex, you almost wouldn’t see it because it was concealed neatly amongst the wall and posters.

Once you find the entrance you are greeted by a tiny pathway leading to the concierge which would then assist you either in getting tickets or prepping for your movie. The lounge area was huge which is good if you don’t feel like getting too close to random people you meet in cinema hihi…

The food price is okay, again inclusive of ambience – the truffle fries cost around 15-20 dollars and nachos are also around the same price.


Favorite part next to eating – the silver plastic cutleries 😅

We came in around 30 mins before screening time but we didn’t get bored because there was a huge screen on the lounge area showing trailers of upcoming movies. I was super impressed because in all those 30 minutes, not a single trailer was shown twice – so it was like watching 30 minutes of shorts!

If you are as clingy as a jellyfish, you might not like the setup of the seats because your table is between you and the person you’re with so no hugs and canoodling will happen whatsoever (well, I mean you wouldn’t spend that much in a movie unless it is a date right?!) Despite that, privacy is still not sacrificed because couples are enclosed in capsule-like compartments so a peck on the cheek is solely between you and your partner. Although, TMI, my husband and I barely talked because the movie was good haha!

Husbands and wives looking for some ‘Us’ time, I highly recommend going here as it is cozy intimate and just to have some change in environment. I’ll just suggest looking for reviews prior just to make sure the money you spend is worth it.

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