Be Audacious – The Elle x Nars Event

In a slew of awesome things the universe has been conspiring to give to me, I am once again invited to an event where we celebrated the audaciousness that is NARS, in collaboration with Elle Singapore the official magazine partner of the event – I give you the #beAudacioussg ELLE x NARS party.


The event was held at the NARS pop-up store just right outside Tangs at Tangs Plaza along Orchard Road. The pop-up store was setup last October 16th and ended yesterday October 22nd to celebrate 20 years of NARS and the launch of their new Audacious mascara.

Obviously NOT the Audacious mascara, but this is one of the new products they are promoting at the event
Obviously NOT the Audacious mascara, but this is one of the new products they are promoting at the event

The place was tad small for around 20-30 ladies but it didn’t stop us from enjoying all the stuff ELLE Singapore and NARS has prepared. There were some drinks and pastries and to add to the fun, we were told to check out the makeups on display and as a bonus we can play with the lipsticks (in which 10 shades are exclusive to Tangs at Tangs Plaza) leave a kiss mark on a stub which served as our ticket for the raffle draw and to claim a 2-piece gift set – that is basically just samples in sachet 😀 When I left a kiss mark on my stub, it looked so sad I decided not to take a picture of it so here’s my friends’ instead – just to give you an idea what I am talking about hehehe!

While waiting for everything to settle, we also got the chance to play at the photo/video booth. It’s the first time I saw something like it so yeah haha, sorry for being so ignorant. Its just a photobooth where they’d let you have 4 poses but then they would email it to you in video (or was it gif?) format. I am not complaining whatsoever because I find my photo-video face hilarious. (see @the_pinkpotato on instagram for the gif file :D)

Side note: I did not receive the memo to not wear black because its the NARS’ makeup artists uniform hah! Kidding! It was totally fine wearing black since I wasn’t the only one amongst the party-goers.

The highlight of the event was NARS Lead Artist Julyen Loo doing a makeup demo showcasing some simple makeup techniques. Since the place was packed and I
am somewhere a bit far (and by far at that small space means 2 people away from Julyen, haha!) I just took a video of when he was doing the model’s lipstick. See it here.
image image image
I am not totally not getting anything from all the demos I have been seeing, maybe I should do some makeup tips post to prove I am actually learning something from these demos haha!

Few things I learnt from that night – the wet technique – there’s major differences in your makeup between using a dry brush and wet brush. For primers – if it’s safe for the eye, its safe for the lips and when using a lipliner, use it on the whole lips instead of the lip line as you do not want to leave out a weird lip drawing on your lip when the rest of your lipstick has gone off.

It was a great night for me – forging new friendships, knowing another awesome makeup artist


meeting people at Elle Singapore and ofcourse picking up few items in my growing pile of makeup which didnt end up as few because the MUA at NARS gave me a lot of freebies (incuding an umbrella – not in picture)


Plus: a door gift from Elle Singapore with 2 lip gloss and digital subsciption of the magazine. Thanks again Elle Singapore and NARS for having me!


What’s is your favorite NARS makeup?

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