The Freebie Week

The first week of October has been fun for me first because my Clozette feature is finally up, please click here – its about lipsticks haha!  Then I get to spend time with my husband whom I missed so much despite seeing him at home everyday and also because I managed to score some cosmetic give aways! wee!

I know this is a little silly and shallow but then – to each his own lols!

Last Monday my husband and I went to Takashimaya to buy a Ferrari Lego set that eventually became my shopping trip because the toy was sold out. I then got a Bulgari perfume set consisting of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap and lotion and as a bonus had a $20 dollar off and a free miniature lotion set. Since the department store was already closing and I was the last customer the sales staff gave me an additional freebie – a perfume sample – faith in humanity restored! =))


Last Tuesday I got an SMS from Sephora that says a purchase of the new Dior Addict lipstick will come with a 3-piece gift. Since I’ve been thinking of buying that lipstick and I have a 10% discount waiting for me I gave it a go and received a lipstick sample set, a Dior Blooming Bouquet sample and a super mini Dream Skin sample.


Last Wednesday I got an email from L’occitane telling me I am entitled for an Immortelle sample set, just that I needed to Like their facebook page as a form of registration and that I needed to redeem it exclusively at their Plaza Singapura branch – still I took it =))


Also this week, I attended an event by Aesop to celebrate the Singapore Writer’s Festival and the launching of their Capitol Piazza branch. All the guests were given a goodie bag with Parsley seed facial care products and a Parsley seed body balm.


Last but not the least – I also got a 7-day trial kit of Clarins’ Double Serum. This one also has registration. Tried this one last night – so far so good 😀


Are you as shallow as me when it comes to freebies? 😛

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