Thirty One

So yesterday, the day before my 31st birthday, I was feeling unwell I had to leave office early. I thought to myself, this isn’t good it’s my birthday eve why am I feeling like this so I walked around first before finally going home. In the train I saw a teen and a couple, who – in my effort to be politically correct – are differently abled and seem to be totally fine.

I cannot say with absolute certainty they are having a blast but they are atleast getting by and doesn’t really show signs of being upset, angry or sad about their situation. I almost felt like crying I said a quick prayer that if this is God’s way of telling me I’m shallow then I’m sorry. It’s not to invalidate my feelings or feast on other people’s difficulties it’s just that sometimes I can be really petty; my husband calls this bitchiness – he says it ever so often I’m at the brink of agreeing with him.


The past year has been wonderful… not the sorta thing you see on TV with fireworks and stuff but atleast, in my perspective it was beautiful.

It has become “my thing” to always look forward to more spectacular things as I grow older; I even imagine myself winning the lottery or something… that, atleast gives me hope that tomorrow will be better and along with my loved ones, I have the power to do so.

Apart from winning millions on TOTO and getting a penthouse around the CBD after that (and being sebastian vettel’s/prince harry’s/T.O.P’s lover) I am so looking forward to Andrea being more talkative, Audrey excelling in school, my husband and I having more QT and learning more chinese words and eventually learn to converse with it, my mother being healthy forever, me being a superstar or if i can’t be that yet on my 31st atleast let destiny make me win a trip to Japan or Korea in one of the raffles I’ve participated in and/or give me a 50% increase in my paycheck, yes im being greedy! hihihi…

So before I finally bid farewell to my 30th… let me say thank you to the past 12 months and thank you Lord for this wonderful day of bazillion hugs, kisses and birthday greetings from my kids, Japchaes (will share the recipe soon :D) chicken wings and mint ice cream.



Yes life, bring it on, I am so ready for you! But first let me wear my Armani lip maestro and sunglasses!


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