Beauty Journal #5: The FaceShop’s Ink Lipquid

Need a pop of color but too lazy to reach for that necessarily precise lipstick? fret no more! (did I, for a moment, sounded like those home tv shopping voice overs? yeah that’s what im aiming for lols!) The FaceShop’s Ink Lipquid is for you!


If you still haven’t notice, well, probably not if this is the first time you have bumped into my blog, I have tried on and liked a couple of lip products from The FaceShop. Among the Korean-brand lipsticks I have tried, The FaceShop’s are my favorites – both in usability and probably oddly enough, the taste. Whether we like it or not these lip products touch our lips and we eventually end up tasting/licking it so might as well like a lippie that taste nice.

Going back…in my previous post, I have mentioned about being fixated on matte lipsticks. Yes I am… so much… I prefer low key/neutral shades especially when I go to work. But in the afternoon when my makeup has all vanished (im either too busy or too lazy to retouch) and when my lips have become dry after some hours in the office winterland, I’ll just do a quick swipe of this and Im good to go – face lit up with color and lips are back to being moist.

Ink Lip Liquid in Coral Chu
Ink Lip Liquid in Coral Chu

Here are the key points I liked:

1) If you are into products with interesting containers – this does look like a test tube – you would also probably like it like I do 😀

2) It’s so compact – it can fit into your jeans/shorts/pants pockets.
3) It’s easy to use – a quick swipe can already give your lips the brightness it deserves
4) It stays on (at least for the Shah Pink shade) – i tried wearing it one afternoon, ate soup and it’s still there ready to partey

Ink Lip Liquid in Shah Pink
Ink Lip Liquid in Shah Pink

5) It hydrates – if you don’t like the heavy feeling of lip balms but needs some serious moisturizing and doesn’t mind having neon light-ish lip, you should absolutely give this a try. it reduces chaps on the lips and gives your lips good hydration.

According to my research, they currently have 12 shades and it is priced at $18 before any discount/promotion… what are you waiting for, grab one now!


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