Two Weeks of Crazy

It has been a roller coaster of emotions and whatnots for me and ze husband during our two week vacation/non-vacation where we get to spend time with the kids – basically doing some crazy/fun/semiconfusing stuff (uhmm that’s supposed to be a bunch of grapes hihihi)



Bubble Attack!
Another bubble attack!

plus vacation during the SG50 celebrations. My mother and our house help went back to Manila for some R&R so we were tasked to take on some pretty serious stuff – 24/14 with the kids 😀


I was so inexplicably tired during those two weeks that once I lay my back on the bed I was fast asleep in 30 seconds.

And because we were just there staring at them while doing all the household chores one can imagine from having two ultra-energetic toddlers at home, I get to eavesdrop on and chronicle some of their weird conversations and shenanigans.

[While I was feeding Audrey]
Me: Ate, don’t put your hands under your chin you’re gonna get ugly
Husband: You’re gonna like look like dada
Audrey: *in a confused and scared tone*  I don’t want!!!
♡ Being ugly is one thing, threatening your child with it is another haha!♡


[Before giving Andy a bath]
Me: Come here Andy let’s brush your teeth. Look your teeth are yellow already
Audrey: yellow like mama
♡Well, guess you can just love your imperfections right?♡

[Andy being nasty because I don’t want to open the cottonbuds container]
Andy: (Crying) Open… open!
Me: I don’t want!
Andy: *Throws the container*
*The container bursts open*
Andy: (Grins) It’s open
♡Grin… as if nothing happened hihi!♡


[Hubby, Andy and Me at the toy store]
Andy: (Holds the fox stuffed toy..) I want to buy this…
Me: Do you have money?
Andy: Yes?!
Me: Ok, give me your money
Andy: (Points at dada) Dada give mama money
♡Yes… he owes her a lot hihihi!♡

[At school… upon picking-up Audrey]
Audrey: Oh I want the sprinkle donut
Andy: Me too! (Tries to grab ate’s donut)
*The two girls fighting over donut*
Audrey: (stuffed the whole thing in her mouth)
Andy: *blank face*
Me: *oddly amazed how she ate it all*
♡ Great! No more reason to fight then! ♡


As I mentioned, it was a roller coaster of emotions during those 14 days – I was so pissed one moment, laughing like a crazy person the next. From feeling like I’m having a heart attack because of so much anger to feeling like a melting ice cream because of one tender hug or “i love you mama” from my girls.

I have never felt so grateful to the people who make our normal everyday lives… uhmm.. normal 😀 waking up to a clean house, having breakfast ready, cooking the kids’ food, sending to and picking up Audrey from school, going home to clean feeding bottles, bathed kids and dinner. I get to do all those and man it was ex-haus-ting!!!

Moments with the kids were very rewarding though, ten-folds as much, enough to soothe my exhausted mind and body (plus, I think I sort of lost weight from doing so much errands haha!)

Raising kids – it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. 🙂

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