Pamper That Body: My Aesop Skincare Products Experience

So yesterday I was going on perfectly with my life when I received an email from a certain Aesop Manager. I got slightly panicky because why on earth would such a mail get into my inbox (im very jittery overall when a stranger’s name pops on my inbox!) Turns out it was just a catching up mail from Aesop’s Suntec branch manager thanking me for my purchase and providing my details to them and how this info’s privacy will be handled well and they also asked me about my feedback. I was pleasantly
surprised because I found that mail very personal (although I know this is a very standard procedure… yes this is me again being amused)


I got this set – that came in a black\gray tin box – called The Leaf Supreme. It’s a kit composed of Geranium Leaf Body Balm, Geranium Leaf Body Scrub and Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser.




The packaging is very simple, infact when you go to the store you wouldn’t know which is which. I find it appealing though, maybe because I am getting old – the simple things are the better haha!

To summarize my experience, I am now in-love with Aesop products! A bit expensive for my current financial situation though (it was a reward for myself thus the haul hihi!) But… I feel that every dollar I paid for was all worth it.

The body scrub really gives that feeling of smoothness without drying my skin. Ive tried so many body scrubs in the past 14 years and I must say this is so far my No.1. It’s a soapy scrub which contains very fine pumice that doesnt hurt at all; so even if you scrub your skin it doesn’t “melt” or goes missing. I gave special attention to my dark areas (elbows, knees) and ofcourse I am not expecting a miracle wherein you scrub and the skin in your dark areas suddenly becomes even with the rest of your body but after scrubbing my skin is radiant and not stingy (despite me being an all out scrubber as if scrubbing the floor :P).

The balm was very moisturising without that eeky, greasy feel. I honestly do not know the difference between a body butter and a body balm but if I were to choose it’d be – hands down – Geranium Leaf Body balm. I love that it doesn’t feel heavy unlike other skin hydrants that screams “i am a body moisturizer, feel me!!!” Its just there, quietly doing it’s job of hydrating my skin. My skin looked healthy the following day after applying it at night.

The cleanser gives that sense of being at the beach; actually the three products have that nostalgic seaside aroma. I feel that it perfectly does its job of cleansing my skin without cleansing away your skin’s natural moisture supplies. (hah! what is a moisture supply?)

In- store experience:
As a consumer, you of course would want that feeling of importance when you are getting something or just by being at the store. Aesop’s Suntec City store has that vibe. My kids were a little giddy but the retail consultant was just with me focusing on his demo and explaining the benefits of their products and offering what could be the bestest solution for my skin concerns. Its also nice that he gave me product samples to try so I could  have a glimpse of what it feels like to slather on that face oil or that face scrub. He even walked us to the door after my purchase.

[Free samples: Tea tree face scrub, amazing face cleanser, bitter orange astringent toner and masque
Im not sure if it’s a environment-friendly campaign or it is how it is from the beginning but they dont give plastic or paper bags for your purchase, instead a cheese cloth-esque with a quote on it. If you buy those small bottles, they’d put it first on a small bag (like the ones you get on the drugstore; only informative haha!)

I somehow regret that it was just recently that I finally bought their products eventhough I’ve seen their stores a couple of times. But as they say better late than never and yes this has been a redeeming factor from all my shopping mishaps lately. If your looking for a good scrub that doesn’t dry your skin or you just want your bathroom to smell like the beach go now and get your Aesop products! See for their branches.

“Wow that was a wallet draining purchase, but I am so totally fine with a little indulgence such as this once in a while, all the $$$ were worth it!”

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