Beauty Journal #4: Im a (The Faceshop) Matte-terial Girl!

I’m not sure if it’s because of the age or its just my personal preference that when it comes to lipsticks, I prefer those with matte finish (im inkling on the latter because even at 22 I’m already a matte-y person) I don’t know, the i-had-grease-for-lunch just doesn’t appeal to me

Anyway, a few weeks back, I happen to stumble upon The Faceshop’s Artist Cube Lipstick when I was looking for a new lippie and was immediately inlove with it! One, it’s not so expensive at $24.90 so I can get away with one a month? Haha! Two, its pink – in matte!


I initially had no. 8 (pink mark) but after seeing some coral lippies on instagram, I went immediately to the store but they don’t have coral on matte so I ended up buying another pink which is no. 7 (pink play)


I personally think both shade works fine for me – although in pictures, no. 7 looks better. I’m wearing etude house pearl aura for my face and iope cushion blusher no. 2 so im guessing my blusher helped on the overall impact of the lipstick



Both are captured on normal daylight although I tried to find a good spot in my room with the best lighting so the colors can be seen clearly. For no. 8 it comes off as red but my guess is that this shade is a little confused as to whether it wants to be pink or red haha! Although I wore this a couple of times in the office so under office lights it looks really good.

One has to take a couple of swipes to achieve the above colors. With The Faceshop’s Artist Cube Lipstick you can easily control how deep or how light the colors you want to sport on your lips maybe in school, in office, with that important client meeting or random dates. Trying to get it right in this lipstick won’t be hard considering it’s matte. It also doesn’t fade off easily – say for my case I eat morning snack in the office so after munching on my food and milo the color is still there. Also despite it being matte, it wont dry your lips even if you wear it for long periods of time.

Recommend? Hell yes! It’s not very expensive, you can build the colors and slim enough to fit right into your pocket!

What’s your favorite matte lippie?

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