Before my husband went to Poland for work, I was already thinking of what I could get him to buy for me as souvenir. Since I didn’t take that search very seriously, I ended up asking him to buy me a teapot just because I’m into teapots now and I kinda saw one site saying Poland have good ceramic products.

When he got there on a Sunday afternoon, he managed to do a quick stroll and because we didn’t know bolesławiec yet so he just bought me (immediately) the first teapot he saw. Awww… he really loves me haha!

It was just on a Thursday night that I stumbled upon a site describing bolesławiec – about it being one of Poland’s famed products so I BBM’d my husband (or was it via text?) to buy me a teapot and dinner plates. He was already leaving the following day so we didn’t really had the time to go and check about what designs to choose – we just set a budget (around SGD150) and I just trusted that he’d make a good choice on what design I would like (I was really hoping he’d score this right, you know we’ve been together for a while now haha) and he certainly didnt disappoint.


He just went over the budget because he picked an the artisan line for my teapot, teacups and saucer…


which ofcourse I do not have a complain whatsover because it was really really lovely.

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