The Highs and Lows of my Etude House Decoden

Last week, I came across Etude House Singapore’s Instagram post about their “Thank You” event, it’s basically like a promotion where you need to head down to their Vivo City store to purchase a Pearl Aura cushion (or any Any Cushion) or $50 worth of purchase to get the decoden kit. I didn’t know what decoden was all about so I did some quick checks (and by quick check I mean #decoden on Instagram :D) and found it to be interesting so I told myself I need to get my hands on those.

There was a date for this (since it’s an event right? Haha!) so during my lunch break I ran like crazy to Vivo City all excited while getting my creative juices ready thinking about how I’m supposed to decorate my cushion case – only to get my heart broken to pieces by one of the sales staff.

Before coming there, I was so sure about the mechanics so when the sales staff told me otherwise I was so disappointed I felt like crying (of so much anger)…You see I have this weird “sensation” of being overly emotional when I am very sure of something but then someone argues with me. It’s annoying really. Well, what happened was that after showing “evidence” that what I am saying is true, that sales staff went around blabbering (loudly behind my back) to other sales staff who appears to be oblivious of the event too, which, on a customer’s point of view is a very terrible way of handling something you aren’t sure of. I was a sales lady before so I know.

Needless to say, I left their store disappointed and worried that my creative juice would spoil haha! So I bombarded their Facebook and Instagram pages about my experience and confirmed that my understanding was right. I just needed that assurance. After that I was having second thoughts on getting the decoden kit.

But then again, I am not a quitter (yes, that’s how bad I want that f**c*in decoden kit – shopper level: shallow). So I went back the following day and was welcomed by a pleasant staff. I don’t know if they plastered my IG profile pic in their back office haha because everyone in the store seemed to be welcoming and nice to me. I just hoped this had happened in Day 1. So after some explanation and sales talk (which works really really well for me – always), I finally decorated my cushion case. Took me a good 20-25 minutes I think.







I am obsessed with Etude House… OBSESSION LEVEL: 1,000,000 eyeshadow palettes!

How did you decorated your cushion case? (^.^)

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