Etude House’s Moistfull Super Collagen – What’s My Take?

It’s been a long time coming but I hope this post will give the ladies who would read this some helpful insights.

If you happen to be a fan of Etude House, you’d notice that in almost every purchase you make (at least in my experience) you get a free small bottle of Moistfull Super Collagen product like this


I’m guessing this is their flagship facial care product so they are promoting this so well. So a couple of months back, I finally gave in to temptation and bought the Moistfull Super Collagen set – which was on sale when Etude House opened their biggest SG store in Wisma Atria.


The set came with Facial Freshener


Ampoule Essence






(NOTE: I used it in that order)

Sleeping Pack


and Travel size bottles of the items I mentioned minus the sleeping pack.

To be honest, I got the set because it was the fastest way I could get the charms for their charm bracelet hihihi… (it was an opening special that time)


It was around two months ago when I started using this skincare line and I had really good impressions after a few weeks of use. First it was light, so for girls with combination skin like me and if you happen to live where summer is the only season, oilyness won’t be a problem. Second, I saw that my skin was brighter – not white as in your skin will have a change of shade, but you get this feeling that when you look at the mirror you glow. These are probably the factors that made me stay for two months.

Now onto the downside – I am a 30 years old working mother – I occassionally have sleepless nights and stressful days (uhm… well… who doesn’t?!) so there were days when my skin would really show how tired I am or how much I am needing some sleep that my skincare range and makeup doesn’t help – perhaps I was expecting that Moistfull would quench my skin’s thirst for much needed moisture, but then it failed me. Plus I have this very pronounced laugh line and Moistfull didn’t manage to keep it at bay. It was just there laughing at me (or with me?! haha!)

VERDICT: If you are somewhat introducing yourself to a more intricate facial care routine, or you are in your early 20s then Moistfull Super Collagen is for you. If you are somewhere nearing or already out of the calendar as in late 20s and up better look for products that says anti-aging (because I just did :D)

What’s your experience with Moistfull Super Collagen?

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