Baking Like Crazy

Hey y’all! Its been a while. Well I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks perhaps because I’ve been doing some random stuff like *trying to* lose weight, entertaining Audrey while she’s on school holiday and yes, baking!

Flashback four years ago, four years and three months to be exact, I have never imagined I’d be able to bake. But I wanted to give it a try, in fact one of the first things we bought upon moving to a new house was an oven.

After four years of service, here's my good ol  Tefal oven
After four years of service, here’s my good ol Tefal oven

I remember the first batch of muffins I made were as hard as stone. It’s like you can use it as a weapon to hurt someone you really really hate. After a few months of trying and failing, I almost gave up I also remember telling myself I should just focus in cooking instead of baking. I easily get frustrated #onlychildproblems

But after a few years and investing on good cookbooks and magazines, I managed to bring out my inner nigella and learned all sorts of stuff using my oven – like baking cupcakes (NOTE: below goodies are made from my new and bigger oven so the small one was a good training oven for those starting out, smaller oven means smaller practice quantity means smaller wastage in case of failed attempts, lols!)


These were the ones I made for my husband’s coworkers before he moved to another team – got a lot of unbelievable compliments from this so this is one of my favorites.


These were the cupcakes I made for my daughters home celebration – they want Teletubbies (self-imposed, since Andy doesn’t really say what she likes) and Teen Titans Go thus the color combination πŸ™‚ One of my favourites too since its my first time to try the buttercream icing I picked somewhere in the internet.


My blue velvet cupcakes – changed it instead of red. This was a gift for a friend’s son’s first birthday and I don’t want to ruin the party motif so I opted for blue πŸ™‚


And the newest craze in town… Sarah’s macarons ^.^

What’s there not to love about baking?

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