Our first Parents-Teachers Meeting :)

Dear Audrey

This morning, for the Parents-Teachers meeting, dada and I went to your school and I think you’d be proud to know we weren’t late. I am not sure you would remember but on the day of your field trip to the Zoo you almost didn’t make it, as we walked to the school you were nearly crying and telling us how much you wanted to go while dada and I were already thinking how to excuse ourselves from the office so we could bring you there. Luckily we made it. It was a funny scene, well atleast for me. Although at that moment I also had a sense of how important these things are for you. Except for some of your toys, you rarely take things for granted, let’s have a high-5 for that! So going back, I hope you’re happy to know we were there, on the dot, 8:10AM.

I don’t know who’s parents came before us because the kid’s name in the schedule posted in your classroom door was in Chinese. Bummer we can’t read Madarin haha! But they were there for a long time that I nearly fell asleep sitting in the cutesy kindergarten chair.

I was getting bored I had to take a we-fie? and yes I have dark circles!
I was getting bored I had to take a we-fie? and yes I have dark circles!

So after a long wait it’s finally our turn. There was an awkward silence after the ceremonial exchange of good mornings.

“Does Audrey have means of learning Chinese at home?” Lao Shi asked
“Uhm, no…” I nervously told her, to be honest I find your adviser intimidating – she seldom smiles when I see her so I thought she’d reprimand me
“She is very good in Chinese”

My insides are about to explode, did I hear it right? I had a huge duck smile on my face!


I will not divulge all the details of our discussion, but here’s to say I saw how happy your teacher was sharing this to me and I’m more glad to hear – that you are courteous, you learn fast, and you read well. You are sensitive of others and very mature for your age. You like to ask questions and very eager to learn. I was given an impression of how pleasant it was for them to teach you. Only, she also commented on how you hold your pencils haha! But she said that as long as you are comfortable then it shouldn’t be a problem. Well, please work with dada on that while I stop Andy from disturbing you 😀

When you were a baby, dada was “training” you to be an overachiever and was telling everyone that, now I think you are working your way to it (power of words, indeed) just don’t over-do it to the point of not having fun in kindergarten or perhaps in life. I am trying to make this post not overly dramatic, but I think I can’t help it! I want you to know how proud I am of you, we actually – dada, me, owa and maybe even Andy, see how much she emulates you? You are a very brilliant girl and I can see how you always aim to be one. Continue to be just that. I do not wish for you and Andy to be a better version of mama and dada but instead I wish that you’d be the best version of yourselves. And always remember we are your no.1 fans! We love you Ate! Beyond the moon, beyond the infiniteness of the galaxy and a billion times back :-*

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