Gimme Some Mochi Sweets Lovin’

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be sent to Shanghai for work and since business trip means no spare day to tour the city you’re sent to (at least from my experience), I would just rush my work so I can explore the city after office. One night, I was so busy roaming around I didn’t realize it was already late and haven’t had my dinner yet. So I went to this mall with a food court and it being very late, there was only one stall open – the desserts stall. Well there was actually McDonalds but, I choose to focus on the mochi topic haha! I had no idea what this sweets was about since I’m too hungry to even explain to myself what’s in front of me. I just chose what colors looked good, bought it then ate it. It was the second best thing that ever happened in my China trip – The Great Wall tour being the first. It was so good but since I looked at it as an exclusive to China thing, I didn’t bother knowing what’s the name of that sweet. I just remember going there and buying two boxes before my flight back to Singapore. Fast forward to 2013, my manager told us he was going to Shanghai and because I was pregnant with outrageous cravings, I demanded him to look for that mochi stall and bring home a box. BOSS: What’s the name of the mochi store? ME: I can’t remember, I just remember the box was black… BOSS: Where did you buy it? ME: I can’t remember the name of the mall, but it was near Shanghai tower. *SILENT THOUGHT ON EVERYONE’S MIND: How is boss going to buy that mochi?* BOSS: Cannot buy any mochi? Just that specific mochi? ME: Yes… wait let me try checking the name on the internet So I tried to browse the internet with my empty clues and because in this day and age you can already find everything you are looking for on the internet (with the exception of people and things who try with all their might not to be seen) I found out that same mochi store is already in Singapore! Meet Mochi Sweets 🙂

The Mochi Sweets paper bag 😛

After finding out that it’s already here, I rushed to Somerset and bought myself a box. I…. am…. so…. happy!!! Fast forward to 2015… I passed by their stall in Bugis+ and upon seeing the 50% off poster – they have the promotion inline with the SG50 celebrations – I didn’t think twice and bought a box. This could be reason number 89 in my 1000 reason’s why I don’t lose weight =)) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Who would resist this fluffy, gooey, chewy, not overly sweet goodies salvaging their mouths?

Mango Yoghurt
Purple Potato

Since we do not have chewing gum here in Singapore, if want to have that jaw exercise plus your fix of dessert heaven on earth, go and get yourself these lovely mochi!

Question: Are mochis more delicious in Japan? 😀

UPDATE (June 29, 2015): Just found out that Mochi Sweets has ceased operation in Singapore and Malaysia *cries hysterically* but just in case you bumped into it, please do yourselves a favor and grab a bite – or box.

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