Breakfast Series 3: Healthy Breakfast in Pictures

The past few weeks has been really busy and so our breakfasts are just simple and random and more or less the same.

Today’s episode will just be collective photos of my trying hard to serve a healthy breakfast.

My soggy but yummy waffles – I remember preparing this on a Sunday; I suddenly want to eat some waffles as I am typing this :-/

with Audrey’s artwork as backdrop

Clam Chowder – remembering how much butter I’ve put into this soup, is this really healthy? #confused 😛

i don’t eat that much bread, ok 😀

Oatmeal with nuts and fresh fruits – You know it’s early in the month when we are eating fresh fruits for breakfast, I literally splurge on fruits on payday 😀 What’s remarkable about this photo is that this is the first time I ate oatmeal again after quitting it last September. On the side was the homemade peanut butter I made which nearly had my blender exploding.

fresh fruits in the morning 🙂

My virtually there cornflakes – so I stole some cornflakes from the kid’s stash of foods and I think I had an instant payback when I put too much milk on my cereal. This is like eating milk soup – but no complaints though, it was good with fresh and dried fruits 🙂

cornflakes float 😛

Going western – This is the meal I prepared for my husband and me and this is also the first time I ate pork and beans in a very long time. First attempt also at cooking twinny sunny side up 😀

binge eating!

Now that I am at it, what should I prepare for tomorrow’s breakfast? 😀

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