Beauty Journal #4: Everything Anna Sui

While I don’t usually do ‘haul’ posts, I’m gonna have some exception today because I am utterly thrilled at my purchases last night. This is also the first time I’ve bought cosmetics at Anna Sui thus this post. Let’s get started.

I’ve always seen the Anna Sui counter at Takashimaya but rarely go and check their stuff maybe because I’ve always thought of them as the perfume brand (and the Anna Sui perfumes I’ve had before was purchased at Lucky Plaza hehe…) and I have this habit of once I associate a brand with something I usually stick to that specific item-brand relationship. Going back, so while I was hashtag browsing at Instagram a few weeks ago I came across this post of Anna Sui lipstick, its no ordinary lipstick though, it is star shaped!!! And being someone with ginormous fascination with comical and real life stars, and lipsticks, there is no way I would pass the chance of getting it. But then I snapped out of my fantasy when I remember having to pay my daughter’s school fees next month so I cannot afford to spend anything non-urgent this month (but then a star lipstick is urgent right??? *cry*)

So the other night, as we passed by the Anna Sui counter, I just forgot that my husband was with me and immersed myself in great lipstick hunting that lead to foundation and liner hunting cosmetic shopping. I didn’t want to spend more than a hundred but then the saleslady sales talked me into eventually buying a lot of things – although I have to justify – I really needed them – and the saleslady was really nice, so nice she gave me free eyeshadow, free powder and a pouch – and there was a 20% discount when you buy 3 items lols 😀 wpid-p4141465.jpg

1) Anna Sui Liquid Foundation The Singapore heat is beginning to wreck havok on anything under it’s airspace, and since I usually walk more or less 800 metres everyday from MRT to office, my makeup just end up in the tissue because I had to wipe all the sweat and oil off my face. Luckily when I checked the Anna Sui Liquid Foundation, the lady said it has sebum controlling ingredients so I just added it in my purchase. If you do not like rose smelling cosmetics, this might not be for you. Although the smell will eventually disappear after a few minutes. Once applied, it really grips onto your face (unlike my Sephora liquid foundation which leaves some marks on my face, like when you wipe sauce in a plate) and does not feel heavy despite the early morning heat. wpid-2015-04-15-12.30.00.png.png

After foundation, I topped it with the Anna Sui pressed powder which the saleslady gave for free, wee!
After foundation, I topped it with the Anna Sui pressed powder which the saleslady gave for free, wee!

2) Anna Sui Gel Liner I previously posted a review on Laneige’s eyeliner and I still stand by my words that it is good. However, I was using it during the not-so-hot months.  Now that the heat is on full angry sun mode, my eyelids tend to be a little oily and Im too stubborn to use eye primer (for fear of sagging eyelids, not sure if it has a connection) so my Laneige eyeliner is starting to give up on me (like an effed-up ex-boyfriend) so I now have an excuse to buy a new eyeliner. Upon application, the Anna Sui gel liner glides easily with its soft tip so it wont poke your eyes and because it is twisty you only twist up to the amount you need then apply. wpid-2015-04-15-12.29.22.png.png

Though after 3 hours, my eyelid is starting to have that black line coming from the liner. Day two of using the liner, I’ve now tried an eyeshadow primer to lessen the oil in my eyelids but the liner still leaves some black lines on my eyelids albeit very light, almost unnoticeable.

3) Anna Sui Lipstick V Yessss finally we come to this! First off, all the lipstick shades I’ve swatched in the Anna Sui counter are good, if I could afford to buy them all, I would. The casing is pretty, with the crown thing and all. And the star-shaped lipstick is ofcourse very cute to look at.


But on the practical side, once you apply it, it would not spread neatly on your lip line so if you are in a hurry or without a mirror or probably both, I suggest you use a lipbrush. The shade I got is 104 and the color really suits my skin tone plus it is very pigmented and holds well on the lip so you don’t have to worry about it being gone in 60 seconds. My problem though is that it made my lip feel a bit dry. Although a good clear lipbalm/gloss can solve this.

Here’s my overall look with my new Anna Sui cosme-friends 🙂


What’s your favorite Anna Sui cosmetic item? 🙂

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