Our Almost But Not Quite Easter Eggs

If the sole measure to being good parents is to make instagram-worthy easter eggs then maybe we are bad parents =))

Since Holy Monday, Audrey would keep on bugging us about when we are going to make Easter eggs. Being Audrey, she would do this everyday until we finally do it no matter how many times we tell her we’ll do it on this specific day/time. Sometimes I find it funny and annoying at the same time. So on Good Friday, because we cannot take it any longer, (haha!) we finally gave it a go.

Before the actual painting of eggs, we went to a shop that sells baking supplies and there we found this wilton cupcake decorating kit. Thinking this was cool and perhaps to have some silly addition to our eggs, we got this for around $4. I know for a fact that these icing parts will not stick to the egg but since they already picked it I just agreed and silently hoped it would work.

I wasn’t fully prepared for this activity – I didn’t researched on a good easter egg design, didn’t buy white eggs, no Easter egg-y paint/food color whatsoever so we just settled for whatever supplies we have – brown eggs, stocked food color, bamboo sticks as paint brush; you know – the works of someone not prepared to go to easter egg war =))


Anyway, luckily for me/us that the kids find the wilton thingy rather amusing, they were much more focused on getting it to stick to the eggs rather than painting.

One of the major things I learned in this activity – always use white eggs. Because our canvas was brown everything just looked hideous – all colors looked, uhhmmm, dark… and with the addition of the wilton thingy, our easter eggs ended up as surprise! surprise! halloween eggs hahaha!


Andy, showed little to no interest and gave up after around 5 minutes, perhaps letting us do the dirty job and just check the finished product afterwards, acting like a true boss eh? Since she didn’t participate, I tried to scare her with my easter egg – while making that deep, scary, horror movie-ish sound “Aaaandy” hahaha!


Audrey on the other hand seemed to enjoy our activity, notwithstanding the scary appearance of our easter eggs because afterwards she got to eat the eyes and mouth icing 😀 (the latter being the more enjoyable part for her I guess)




How was your first time painting easter eggs? 😀

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