Random Whatevers

My husband and I would always talk about how we want to do some impromptu things like “let’s go out”, “let’ watch a movie”, “let’s have some wine once the kids are asleep” but it almost always does not happen because either we’re too lazy or we’d fall asleep. But one morning, we talked about having breakfast at one of the shops in the mall opposite our place and we actually went for it. Unfortunately though, that shop was closed so we just decided to go to Time Table.

Since the coffee shop opened, I’ve always wanted to try what it feels like sitting on a coffee shop that is not Starbucks. Probably compose one blog post or just write some scribbles on my diary or, drink coffee while staring at people walking past the shop.

Morning dates are somehow a bit strange but when it’s become difficult for you and your husband to find time to just sit and do nothing, a breakfast date is never a bad idea.

Things I like about this place: the coffee art – yes, yes I am shallow but who cares! I am fond of things foamy and coffee 😛

20150330_111719 (2)

20150330_111441 (2)

Since it is a coffee shop, you can expect a limited number of main dishes so we just ordered pasta. And because it was still super early, there was only one barista manning the place, he prepped our coffee then cooked our pasta… just imagine how look that took although I did not hate waiting because hubby and I got to talk about so many things, sort of ignoring the passing time. Another thing I liked: beef pasta and the salad dressing (that white strip on the lettuce :D)

20150330_113017 (2)

my husband ordered the mushroom pasta, nothing special though but just right to fill his hungry tummy

20150330_113044 (2)

I also loved the ambience, even their napkin and water bottle that has the shop’s name on it hihi


Will I go back to Time Table? Yes! Will I eat their pasta? Yes! Will I be ending this post soon? Yes! =))

*Sorry, my literary juices are all dried up today, but I want to post about the coffee art so yeah this is indeed a short post*

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