Beauty Journal #3: The Face Shop’s Artist Finger Lip Gloss

Since my daughter is now going to school and school fees can sometimes be a little overwhelming, I have officially decided that I should change my spending habits particularly on make-up. Part of this frugality project is to look for ways where I can still look okay but don’t hurt my pocket. So I decided to dig into my makeup stash and found this product – The Face Shop’s Face It Artist Finger Gloss (I have so much make-up products, I have to dig!)

DSC_0108 (2)

I bought this last November but frankly speaking, I decided not to continue using it because upon opening the tube, it has this odd smell that I cannot actually tell if nice or foul. Im just weirded out by it. But when I used it again the other day, the smell seemed okay and as a matter of fact, it does smell like flowers!

According to the box, you can use it in three different ways – as lip tint, lip gloss, then lip stick. What exactly is the difference? Well, If you apply it once, it would have a “just-licked” effect, sort of putting on a thin swipe of tinted lip balm. If you apply it twice, it would have a more solid effect to it – like putting on a highly pigmented lip gloss

InstaSize_2015_2 _ 2010927

For the picture above, the shade is BE701. I applied twice on the right photo then once for the left. Can you tell the difference? 😀

The picture below is shade PK101, which I guess is more suitable for those with fairer complexion. Although personally I think this shade made me look younger haha!

InstaSize_2015_2 _ 2010651


I don’t go as far as putting on 3 swipes because 1) I don’t have time 2) I don’t want to look like a walking neon light (although this is just a personal perception and assessment) plus my office desk is directly under the light so even a light makeup could come off as heavy. I am totally fine with 1 swipe.

If you notice the name, “Artist Finger Gloss” the applicator is shaped like the cushiony part of the finger so when you glide it in your lips its like your finger is doing it, only you dont get your finger dirty hihi

InstaSize_2015_2 _ 2010687

Best part: Even if you don’t put much, it has a lasting effect on the lips say you eat a light snack in the morning, the glossyness will of course go out but the color is still there. The bestest part is it doesnt dry the lips! So for someone like me who is confined in an air-conditioned room this can be the best bet to your lips.

Its currently retailing at $18.90 at The Face Shop’s bugis junction branch (after member’s discount) So nice! Multi-purpose product under $20! And if like me, you will just have 1 – 2 swipes per application this could last you a very very long time; you’ll get your money’s worth on a great product. 🙂

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