Latest Obsession: Crate & Barrel

When I was still in school, we were having a chitchat when a friend told us that she likes bed sheets. Then another friend snapped back “ano ba yan para kang nanay” (direct translation: what is that you are like a mother) I found it really funny then. Could it be that liking home furnishings is directly related to being a mother? If I were to answer this today, I’d say yes.

While my husband was having his PT session, I decided to wait for him and walk around ION Orchard and stop by this store with black & white color scheme named Crate & Barrel. It was the first time I saw it because, ION Orchard is such an intimidating place to go to especially if you are poor like me haha. Anyway, after checking out the store, I didn’t notice that time has passed and my husband was already back from the hospital – that’s how entertaining and interesting Crate & Barrel is. After that visit, I researched about the store and found out they have another branch at Orchard Central. That’s where I got my chalkboard placemat ($16), spoons, forks, steak knives ($2.95/ea, I got 4 sets) & cheese knife set ($24.90)


And because I now have this new habit called self-control, I decided to not purchase so many things in one visit so I have a reason to go back. So the following day, my husband asked to go on a date (hallelujah!) and since he cannot decide on a place I just told him I’ll show him around Crate & Barrel. (your momma and dada’s definition of date is cool ya?!) This was when I shamelessly took pictures of the store. I was initially scared of taking pictures because the sales lady was following us around, I was lucky to be stealing shots once in a while 😀 DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0021 DSC_0020 DSC_0016

hello sexy back husband, lols!

The orchard central branch has 5 floors of Crate & Barrel meaning they basically have a vast selection of everything – cutlery, pots and pans, place mats, dinnerware, kitchen accessories, candles, maybe everything you might need for your house. So if you have nothing to do on a weekend and feel like adding something chic to your house, go and enjoy C&B!

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