Breakfast Series 2: Filipino Breakfast

After this breakfast series, I am seriously contemplating on doing Insanity again…

So following Breakfast Series 1’s western-ish theme, I thought of going back to my roots for this week’s breakfast series. In general, Filipino food is everything + rice. My husband would (always) tell me he’d eat rice with coffee when he was 5 years old – until now I don’t understand why he would tell me that – but just to give a solid evidence to my claim about Filipino’s obsession with rice.

I initially thought of doing some of this week’s food from scratch, but then it dawned on me “oh yeah I have other things to do” so I just went to Lucky Plaza and bought the frozen goods there.



I just kept things simple with lugaw (porridge) and some crispy beef strips, green onion and my ever favorite – fried garlic. To lessen the uber-simplicity of this meal, I used my Le Creuset heart dish which, as with most of my things, I got on sale last year. I just got to use it last Monday because my kitchen cabinet is finally organized (yey!) previously, it was hidden in the very depths of the cupboards and it will take so much effort to look for it and put it back so never mind the trouble. For my drink, some hot horlicks with marshmallows 😀


              AKA CornSiLog

And because I’m still obsessing with my heart plate, here she is again hugging my meal – corned beef, sunny side up and brown rice. I am not sure if this meal is an irony or what but I just have to say, this homemade corned beef (which I made of course!) is yummy (haha, self-praise, yahoo!) If you would also notice my teapot, when it is assembled, is actually composed of 2 tea cups and the pot. I’ve been seeing this type of tea sets for a while but my husband wouldn’t let me get it. Fortunately I wasn’t with him when I saw this so haha, I won! To complete this meal is TWG’s creme caramel. When I first tried creme caramel in the TWG shop I didnt enjoy it as much as I did last Tuesday. Maybe because I put way too much sugar… and sugar = heaven 😛



Honestly, I do not know what to prepare on Wednesday so I just check on our dried goods stock in the fridge and found these dried squid. I think this is the only Filipino-ish about this meal because I paired it with omelette and tea hehe. For this day’s tea – Eternal Summer. This tea, I sort of have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t. And let’s say hello to my Cath Kidston plate! I got this on sale (50% off, if not I wouldn’t have bought it) from their Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands branch and boy was it heavy! Nonetheless it was reminiscent of our old school plates so I just had a connection to it when I first saw it. To complete my meal – b to the a to the nana (wt?!)


         (AKA TapSiLog)

This is my favorite meal for the week- beef jerky + egg + fried rice with olives. The olives was a leftover from the other dish I made so I just thought of putting it there to put some color to my rice. I put too much garlic on the vinegar that the garlic stung my tongue the whole day plus, of course it stinks I had to thoroughly brush my mouth haha!


AKA LongSiLog
              AKA LongSiLog

I didn’t make breakfast on Friday because it was Audrey’s field trip and she has to be in school early in the morning. I think I was more excited than her because I was already awake at 530am lols. So on Saturday we had longganisa, which is a Filipino/Spanish kind of sausage + salted eggs + tomatoes mixed with yellow onion. When I was still in Manila, I prefer to dip my longganisa in soy sauce and vinegar or sometimes banana ketchup but after sharing longganisa meals with my ex-boyfriend-current husband, I just dip it in vinegar because I honestly find it impractical to have two separate dips for such a simple meal. Well I’ll also say that I have somehow acquired his taste.

What’s your favorite silog dish? 🙂

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