Singapore Night Lights, as Seen by my Cellphone Camera

The night is black and the stars are bright.

Last week I was in the bathroom and I sort of feel bloated so I checked my weight and I was 2 kilograms heavier from a few days ago. This whole weight struggle – this is real – haha! So I decided to go for a run after work in my usual route, the Marina Bay area. I used to run around 6pm, which in Singapore, is still very sunny so I don’t usually get to see the city nightscape.

I was a bit busy with work so I was only able to run around 7pm. I didn’t intend to stay out too long but then I saw this beautiful sight and just decided to multi-task with running and photographing.

20150303_193021 (2)

The marina bay night lights as seen by my cellphone camera lens.. enjoy!

20150303_193105  20150303_193701 20150303_193830 20150303_194027 20150303_194131 20150303_194249

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