Breakfasts (without the) Tiffany

…because as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

When I was breastfeeding my second daughter, I don’t have a very abundant milk supply so I researched on foods that could actually increase my breast milk and one of it was oatmeal. And every morning, for sixteen months, I was eating oatmeal for breakfast. (This is not to discourage breastfeeding mothers or future mothers/ladies who wants to breastfeed – my eating oatmeal every morning for that long is a personal choice, you can always choose what works for you. To note also, that time, as long as I was eating the right food at the right time, drinking lots of water and sipping soup, my supply was perfectly fine) After I decided to stop breastfeeding (and eating oatmeal) I sort of had a hard time getting back on track with whatever is a good breakfast meal, so I just went with the basics – egg, sausage, ham, bacon, bread, rice.

But the issue about eating the same thing over and over again (I am not going to mention oatmeal here, and I am not complaining at all) is you sort of want to change a thing or two once in a while. So I went on to consult my dear friend Instagram and checked with #breakfast and came up with my – as I will now tag it – breakfast series.

Prior to last week, I was checking our fridge and kitchen cabinets and saw some left overs and supplies that are nearing their best before dates. I hate throwing food; it’s like not giving them a second lease in life 😀 So this week’s breakfast series would be about giving another life to food/supplies that were once glorious. I don’t have a Monday meal because it was only last Monday that I thought of having this haha!



Salvaging the ham from extinction – its been sitting in the freezer for a while so I just thought of pairing it with a good cheese and a (oven reheated) crazy delicious croissant from my office downstairs bakery.



I just have to say, this is my favorite breakfast for this week. I loved how so many things were going on in the kitchen and my crate & barrel wire whisk made it’s debut, which is now my new whisking bff, plus my waffles were splendid (thought of making waffles from scratch but then I remembered I have a half box of pancake premix. Luckily it’s got a recipe for waffle and its nearing its best before date so I might as well cook it) It was also a sinful Wednesday because after having such a heavy breakfast, we had pizza in the office for lunch then curry puffs for snack!



After eating so much the day before, I seriously had to tone it down or else I’m gonna be ginormous! Just incase you are curious what’s in the bowl, its granola with yoghurt and my tea is eternal summer from TWG which I got from way back. (I sort of hoarded a lot of tea during that time but then I got pregnant so it’s just there in the cabinet. It’s only now that I could finish it and my tea supply was too much I’m guessing it would last me some 10 more months haha!)



Well, this photo didn’t turn out to be as enticing as I hoped it would be – adobo fried rice with overflowing fried garlic simply because I am a garlic person + adobo chicken flakes + steamed eggs (which turned out to be super soft boiled egg) + mango salsa. The rice was a leftover from the maki I made sometime ago so it was a little sticky. My husband is so smart he tossed everything together so this turned out to be a risotto-ish meal


Obviously healthy isn’t something I am focusing here so please don’t diss me. I just want to eat, because that’s what my next-life husband Christian Grey would always tell me haha! 😀

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