Anniversaries and CATS

Last January 30, my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary (3 on his count). Though our exact anniversary was on the 29th that being a Thursday we just celebrated it the following day. It’s the first time we decided to actually celebrate and leave the kids at home so we went for an overnight stay at Ritz-Carlton (oh how I love their super fluffy bathrobe lols)


and watched CATS (soooo… I watched the Singapore run of CATS and not Phantom of the Opera?! I should really learn how to sort my priorities)

View of the Jellicle Moon from where we at

I initially thought of posting our ticket photos on FB, you know, the bragging right that goes with watching something “cultured” 😛 but then after seeing that our ticket was blank, I just forgot about the idea of posting the ticket photo, or any CATS-related photo in that matter!


As with all the movie/theatre/anything visual experience I had, it took me 95 years to understand what it was about – I have 0% comprehension because I was so busy watching how the actors move like real cats hahaha! What made it more difficult was that the sound system in MBS theater is terrible, I really really wish they held it at Esplanade.

I have utmost respect for theater actors, I mean how can you act, sing and not forget your lines while doing all the acting and singing – and for CATS – the awesome dancing or not make a mistake or choke?! Moments like that makes me wish I could do ballet or pursued a career in theater haha! But then again I do it all the time (I wished I was an action star after watching Angelina Jolie in WANTED and SALT)

Maybe part of the reason why I did not understand the story was because my mind is not even trying to comprehend – I was thinking “I paid $165 ($165?!!! as muttered by my husband) to see people’s head get in the way of my viewing and to endure the terrible acoustics” but then Grizabella sang Memory and I am suddenly happy to the point of jumping. I cannot express how I am in awe of her especially towards the end when she just sang her lungs out.

I am not a good critic because I basically like everything I spend my money on and I am very appreciative of everything I see, but then anyone who’d watch would agree with me that the actors were really good. One of the things I like also was before they started the second part, the “CATS” are roaming  around the theater and sort of mingled with the audience, that flirty playful thing that real cats do. I was laughing my ass off when my date made cat meows that sounded like crying wolf hahaha, although props to him, he caught the attention of one of the CATS – I was laughing so much I was almost crying. Good thing too that we werent seated along the aisle because I am super scared of them canoodling me!

After watching, we thought of taking a picture with the CATS poster but poof its no longer there. If I were to go to court I would not have an evidence that I indeed watched the play haha! In my imagination, after we watch the play we would go to a rooftop bar around the city and take some sips and photos, but thanks to the $1000 reservation fee at Ku De Ta, we had nowhere to go so we just walked around to find a nice place to eat.

I really cannot get myself to do the bloggers’ OOTD pose so I just laughed weirdly in front of my husband hehe



After walking more or less 2 km, we managed to “rest” at Paulaner’s. This is where we told ourselves “we’re old” Throwback to 5 or 6 years ago, we would easily find a bar and eventually end up getting drunk to the point of barfing all over the place but after having 2 kids, life has taken its toll on us, and we are only on our 30s! We just had a drink and a burger (all these in around 45 mins) then we walked back to our hotel. Good thing that my heels doesn’t really hurt so I am fine with walking as if i’ve done a marathon.


We just ended our mini-vacation with a hotel photo, brekkie and some shopping for “guilt gifts” for the kids.


Cheers to more anniversaries for us, my love!

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