Cucina Adventures #1: Bucatini with Mushrooms

I’ve already ran out of breakfast ideas and as usual my ever dependable friend comes to the rescue – pasta. (Yes I eat pasta for breakfast, why not?!) So I googled for some recipe and came across the Bucatini with Mushroom.

I am not exaggerating but it’s so hard to look for the ingredients of this dish! I had to go to a gourmet supermarket to look for bucatini, although I found it I got intimidated with its chubbyness haha so I opt for the fettucini instead. For the mushrooms, you can choose to have other wild mushrooms but mine was a mix of Enoki, Oyster, Portobello and Shitake. Another thing difficult to find, not to mention expensive, is the dried porcini – at SG$8++ per 25 grams, I almost didn’t want to buy it but I looked for it for almost 20 minutes in the grocery so might as well..

2015-01-20 12.04.30

I also got excited because I finally get to use my truffle oil again after 2 months hihi!


I also substituted the dry sherry to apple cider vinegar because for the love of me… where is that dry sherry!!!

The finish product 🙂


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