Beauty Journal #2: Laneige Art Play Waterproof Liner

I have terrible eye-lining skills and so prior to this year I never really thought of using it. But because last November I went all crazy impulsively buying Korean makeup I’ve come across my current favorite eyeliner – Laneige’s Art Play Waterproof Liner image As someone who’s got oily eyelids I’m a bit wary of liquid eyeliners or perhaps eyeliners in general because after applying it, a few minutes would pass and I’ll end up looking like a panda (and not the cute one) But Art Play just broke all my prejudices on eyeliners and made me believe that eyeliners aint so bad after all. It’s easy to apply so eventhough I’m still struggling with my eyelining techiques (should today be a thick or thin line?!) Art Play makes my morning makeup routine so much easier. The applicator is not too thin and not too thick so for liner newbies like me you can easily get the hang of it. The best part was that even if I don’t apply some eye primer or I accidentally rub my eye it doesn’t smudge or give me the panda eye, and I am wearing it for around 11 to 12 hours! I got it for SGD32 which for me is a good price considering the tube comes in 2 shades – Edgy Black and Starnight Black. I use Edgy when I want to emphasize my eye or give me a fierce look (which I need everyday to be taken seriously esp at work lols, kidding) then Starnight when Im feeling demure or I need some sparkle in my eyes. So if you’re looking for an easy to use, no smudge and flexi-wear eyeliners go grab the Laneige Art Play Waterproof Liner.

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