Karaoke Night with the Girls

As what I have mentioned in my previous post, December has been very eventful this year particularly in the office. I am guessing it’s because my kids are sort of big already so they can somehow manage to get through the day just playing with each other totally forgetting about me. I was also still breastfeeding same time last year so I was either rushing to go home or just want to say by Andy’s side. Since there are only a few people left in our department, we try to organize activities amongst ourselves to relax, unwind or maybe take our minds off the stressful things at work. This year, my friends have decided to hold an all-girls all-Filipino karaoke session at KBox.

As usual, I don’t have a lot of photos because when I get excited I am so in the zone that I forget to take pictures. And in those fortunate moments that I remember to take some, my camera phone would actually fail me either its too dark, out of focus or blurry. Possible that my photography skills have vanished into thin air or my galaxy note 3 camera just suck.


There are certain things in life I am certain of, one of which is that I CAN SING. Not the Whitney or Celine or Mariah levels of singing but I know I can carry a tune hahaha! To say that I mic-hogged that night was an understatement. Of the 3 hours we were there, I was singing for almost 2 hours lols.

This is the photo in which I remember telling myself – “I need to buy a decent camera”

20141205_203935 (2)
This is actually the edited version to make it vision friendly. The original copy was horrendous 😛

because after I took the above photo, my other girl friend took another one with her cellphone and came out like this

No, she’s not gonna breastfeed on me =))

I have never tried eating buffet and singing at the same time so this was a first for me. Because our room was so far from the buffet room, we took so much food I managed to bring home some of the prawns and eat it for dinner the following day. After the singing session which had my throat aching for another two days (on top of the pain I was feeling prior to singing) we had some parlor games sponsored by Marion – sponsor meaning she prepared the games and bought the prizes too. Actually the whole session turned out to be on Marion’s, she had so much fun she just paid for the whole karaoke and buffet thing (talk about sharing your blessings eh) When we win a game, we’d draw a paper with number in it saying what prize we’re gonna get. I luckily brought home a box of green tea, one small box of soap, a bottle of lotion and a chocolate bar all from marks and spencer. The funniest parts for me was when Marie almost took home all the soap in the prize bag and when we drew a Christmas tree on a paper on top of our heads. After seeing the drawings we’re supposed to pick one winner and it was unanimous they all voted for me. For someone with lifelong drawing disability, this one is for the books 😛


I cannot remember having this much fun (on a night out) since I got pregnant that I felt after this night I grew close to them. Thank you girls for a wonderful time! Let’s do it again 🙂

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