K-Obsession: It’s Okay It’s Love

Hello there blogosphere! I have once again vanished into the oblivion-ness of the internet and haven’t posted in what felt like forever. I was so busy with work plus we had so much office happenings I didn’t wanna miss it; things like these only happen once in a bazillion years. Maybe i’ll share about it in another post. For today (or should I say tonight, in my side of the world) I’d like to share with you one of my recent favourites, the K-drama It’s Okay It’s Love (It’s Okay That’s Love in some sites that I’ve seen)

photo credits to koreandrama.org

I’ve only seen several K-drama’s in my lifetime but among those, It’s okay It’s love would be one of the best. The best ofcourse, in my opinion, would be What Happened in Bali. If you happen to have the same limited K-knowledge as me, I’m guessing by now it’s a little obvious what fact i’m trying to raise here but if you’re still having some doubts, I’m trying to point out that I love Jo In Sung. What with that bad ass but sexy and handsome lead/anti lead portrayal. For me those complex characters in a drama are more appealing, i’m not really into those boy-next-door types even in my own life lols! Apart from the obvious reason, I loved this show because it tackled one of those things that interest me – human psychology. It’s the course I wanted to take up in college but well, some things in life just don’t happen the way you want it. It’s okay it’s love touched on a bigger and if I may say deeper aspects of life – abuse, human behaviour and emotional baggage the latter being something I can somehow relate to (hmmm… who doesn’t have emotional baggage anyway?!)

PLOT: The story revolves around the character of writer/dj Jang Jae Yul. After being stabbed with a fork by his brother who just went out of jail, he met a boy name Gang Woo who would ask for his opinions in his writings and he also discovered he was betrayed by his childhood friend and his girlfriend who also plagiarized his last book. He then met Ji Hae Soo, Jo Dong Min who are psychologists and Park Soo Kwang who suffers from Tourette Syndrome who later became his housemates. Hae Soo was suffering from some mental issues where she thinks sex is a task so she never slept with her boyfriend until their 300th day only to discover that her boyfriend was cheating on her. So Jae Yul and Hae Soo ofcourse somehow fell in love with each other and their crazy (maybe literally) adventure begins. If I go on any further, I would then be telling the whole series which would ofcourse ruin the excitement for you.

WHAT I LIKE: EVERYTHING! I love the soundtrack, I love Jo In Sung (yes I am being redundant!) he was so good here and I am not being biased but I love how I felt some of his pains especially the part towards the end.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: Some of the kissing scenes; it felt akward really.

This thing is so good I’ve seen it twice! If you like some psycho drama without the blood and gore then go and watch It’s Okay It’s Love 🙂

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