Hi-5 High

My kids looooove hi-5 so when I learnt about the Singapore leg of their Hi-5 house party, I was keen to watch so the girls can see them live. But when I found out how much the ticket costs, I just totally forgot about the whole thing. Then one day when I opened my mail, I saw that Groupon was selling the Hi-5 concert tickets at a discounted price. And being me, discount = auto purchase so despite the fact that the concert is a million lightyears away from our place I just went ahead and bought the tickets. I just thought of it as an early Christmas present for our girls.

Day of the concert, we decided to leave early because I have this notion that there’d be a lot of people in the Groupon queue causing us to be late. The concert was at 3pm, we reached the venue at 1:40pm and it only took us around 20mins to get our tickets haha! Obviously I am way more excited than the kids. Good thing there were some things to check out at The Star Performing Arts Centre so we didn’t get too bored waiting. Around 2:40 they already started to let people in. It’s my first time to watch at The Star and (just like almost everything I see in Singapore) I am amazed at how huge the place is! It’s got four levels, same as in Esplanade (hmmm.. I think Esplanade has three) though I’m still putting my money on the latter because of the nearness of it to our place and the acoustics there is nicer (though I am not sure if these two are really comparable – my guess is that Esplanade is built for more formal concerts/gala events)


I took this photo while waiting to distract Andy because she’s starting to get bored and I’m starting to feel sleepy haha! Before the actual concert they have this mini game courtesy of Yakult.

And finally, the 5 members emerged! I didn’t get to take pictures because I was watching the kids’ reaction. Prior to Saturday, Kokoy (my husband) and I were thinking that Andy would be speechless upon seeing the Hi-5 crew and we were right, she was indeed speechless but only because she was too sleepy and hungry to even bother to react. 10 minutes into the show she was yelling dede (milk) another 10 minutes and she’s snoozing.


Side story: if you see my nose looking somehow distorted in this pic, well you’re seeing it right. That morning I was tickling Andy and as usual we bumped into each other, my nose being the center of destruction. I assume this is the thing about having a big nose. This is the second time I hurt my nose while playing with my kids; first time was with Audrey although this time is just @^$^£¥!*& painful! Just when I thought giving birth without having any pain killers is already painful – I come across the pain of bumping my nose the second  time around. Actually the pain was still bearable, I was still laughing while crying. The scary feeling was more on the vanity side of things (how am I gonna look after distorting my nose??!!) and I was also worried of Andy because of the impact on her head. Honestly I’m just relieved I could still feel the bridge of my nose, and I am breathing fine.

Since Andy was sleeping I just mingled with Audrey and asked her to do what the hi-5 people asks like if they say raise your hand I would ask her to raise her hand or dance or sing. This is to prevent another kid from sleeping and for her to also understand this whole concert thing. Thankfully she enjoyed the concert so somehow I am relieved, it makes the travel to the other side of the country worth it.


Andy finally woke up during the last song. Well, not really I actually woke her up so she could hear atleast the last song haha!

I had fun watching this show I find myself singing to some of the songs. I sang so much there was this awkward moment the girl beside me stared at me, perhaps asking me to stop so I stopped lols! They sing so well while dancing there were times I thought they were lipsynching but I cast my doubts aside when I hear some of the adlibs and one or two short breaths.

Some of the fun parts were the bubbles during the under the sea song, the hi-5 casts moving their props around the stage and the giant balloon passed around the audience.

Flashback 5 years ago, I never even thought I’d enjoy things like these but being a parent really does change how you see things. It sometimes makes your personal enjoyment the least of your concerns. (Although to reiterate, I enjoyed this show :P)

Do you enjoy watching kiddie concert/s with your kids? 🙂

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