Back to Windows

It was SITEX last weekend and I know I am back on the IT show radar when I am actually going to one, and buying something. Although my original plan was to get a desktop I just went on buying a laptop – 14″ Asus X452LDV. There were a couple of stalls selling it but I got mine at SGD749 with free upgrade to 8G RAM. There were supposed to be a couple freebies at SGD799 – fitness tracker, optical mouse, another one I forgot but I just opt out of it and got the RAM upgrade instead.


Honestly I’m not good at putting together specs and analyzing if it’s good or not, as long as it has a decent memory, good processor and I can afford it ill buy it (and this is not just about computers)

that's me on a 7AM unboxing of my new baby haha!
that’s me on a 7AM unboxing of my new baby haha!

I’ve only used it twice, first when I set it up then when I installed my bluetooth mouse so I cannot really comment on its performance so far. Though I have to say the starting up and shutting down were fast lols! And it looks good 😛 UPDATE: I used it the other night to browse the net and transfer photos and it came with a photo editing application which made my minor photo tweaking (contrast, brightness, crop) a breeze. I also think the graphics are good given I was working in a very dim light.

Its on Windows 8 which has proven to be a challenge in the 20 minutes i’ve used it. My guess is that I’m still in this default setting that when I am at home I am on Apple mode and Windows mode at work. I am very much confusing myself all the time. UPDATE: I finally got the hang of it and can function properly (I mean ME can hehe)

Prior to starting my blog, I tried to prepare all the things I thought I’d need – my macbook, my 1TB hard drive, my camera. All of them just didnt work properly. Even if I’ve upgraded my mac to Yosemite and reformatted it’s still slow as snail! Then my hard drive cannot do anything. Then my camera, one I lost in Phuket  (yes I was holding it while swimming, its waterproof) then one hmmm I just sold all the peripherals and left is the DSLR body. In short, I have nothing – then I remembered that line from a song “it just got fed up of not being fed” my things gave up on me because I’ve given up on them haha! But the thing is when you are starting a family, you cannot even get in touch with people outside your house and some things inside your house; you’re stuck with either taking care of your family or sleeping. It’s not like I bought them then ignored them, I bought them, I got pregnant (surprise!) then unintentionally ignored them.

Going back, I decided to go back to using Windows at home because there are certain things that I sure am a dummy but in my true fashion I will not tell it. Although there’s one I admit without shame – I am a mac dummy. I’ve had my mac for more than 4 yrs now but if I were to sum up how much I’ve used it I would say it would total to around 8 months – 2 months browsing 6 months transferring of pictures haha! Maybe I just dont really belong to the elite group of “we have a full comprehension of how mac works” because I don’t really get it. I don’t get that even if there’s so many things you need to do before you can copy a file, you still dont know where you can find your file or worse get hacked. I dont even know how safe my cloud is darn it. I even remember someone telling me before “don’t get a Mac, it doesn’t have a right click” hahaha!

When was the last time you bought a gadget? 🙂

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