My GP experience and no, I’m not talking about the Grand Prix

Helloooow from my very dark room! It’s quite a sad thing to be starting a blog but suddenly not be able to post. You see I’ve been terribly sick the past week and by terribly I mean shortness of breath and waking up at night due to severe coughing, body aches, sore throat – the works. Worst part is my younger daughter caught the same virus as I did so we’re having this contest of who-wakes-up-more-at-night-wins.

So after a couple of days of self-medication and waiting to feel better, last Monday I just decided to go see a doctor, something I seldom do here in Singapore – because it’s so expensive and I just hate, no not hate, dislike (hate is such a strong word haha!) the whole experience.

During the start of the year my horoscope said I need to take care of my health and it was something I suddenly remembered the other day because I’ve been very sickly this year – either my body has just lost its usual vigour or this is a sign of aging.

When they say health is wealth, you need to take this literally when being sick here. Imagine going to the clinic, waiting for your turn to be checked which is around 5-10mins then your queue number is called, you go inside the doctor’s room, the doctor asks you “Hi Sarah what can I do for you today” then you tell the doctor what you’ve been feeling, he jots down your symptoms, asks you to stick your tongue out, asks if you have medicine allergies, lists down the meds, asks you to give the paper to the clinic assistant (CA), CA asks you to wait while she prepares the meds, CA calls you to take the meds, pay. All that for a whopping $51.50 and the whole checking up thing just takes you around or less than 3 minutes! Of course it’s good that the whole thing finished quickly but then again being sick means you need some extra caring, Im not asking that the doctor treats me like an expensive porcelain or something. I’ve been to the GP a few times in my seven years here so I already know what to expect but I guess there are things that you need some time getting used to or maybe I was expecting to get more out of my money.

Just the other month I also went to the doctor’s to get my clearance for my pass and it was like a joke. The doctor just checked the boxes in my medical report and declared me healthy (hooray!) For this check, which cost me $48.90 took around 1 minute! I am swearing by my old laptop I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! Well atleast the nurse who took my blood sample was nice if not it would have felt a total rip-off!

So if you’re feeling unwell or feeling like you want to get sick, please remember me. I am pretty sure you’ll get better faster than you can sneeze lols!

Do you like going to the doctor? 😀

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